On Facebook I had made a post about enjoying each day and how some adults are. I will quote my post and my viewpoint. This is my own opinion and not true for all. I guess looking back at my post I was just frustrated that I couldn’t hang out or go places like I used to. I don’t have a car nor a good paying job so things are limited BUT; the best things in life are free. Laughs are much more enjoyable than paying for a good time at some place to do whatever. I make my efforts to enjoy each day I am granted religion based or not however you look at it. As long as you try, that’s what counts.

[Copied from Facebook]

“Is being an adult simply just working and lounging at home with the excuse “too tired to do much else” (after family and/or school obligations if applicable)? Are most adults fixed on work till death or retirement whichever comes first? I understand one must work to make a living in the system we live in but what gets me is that everyone is becoming lame as they get older. Life isnt about working and working isnt life….

Seems to be getting older means losing good friends over time and running into having to make new ones and attempts at family relations balance. I see NO honest effort in most to enjoy themselves in their free times or situations. We all think we have or working towards a dream job that we do what we love but come on…how many of us really obtained such a thing?

Point is I cannot identify if I am around the wrong crowd that doesn’t know how to enjoy themselves or if getting older is just lame and is only about surviving each day. I am not looking for thrills, drugs, clubbing, or to get crazy. I am having a hard time finding like minded people that know they may never have tomorrow and live each day with quality. Most are fixed on the fact that they think they know for sure how long they will live.

Any of us can die at any time…. so why do people ignore or are ignorant of this? Why are many adults “lame” and think work is life and thats it? Truth is i don’t know what response I am seeking for this. I don’t normally post anything on here but maybe someone can hear me out. Thanx to any who took time to read this giant post.