Ha I don’t know where to start about this job XD. Well on my way to drill weekends and the security job I always got gas at this specific station. I always encountered the owner who I talked many times with. When I decided to work at somewhere closer to home I then contacted the owner to see if I can start working. This job has many duties of sales, cooking, cleaning, stocking, ordering, and inventory management.

When I used to work daytime when I started the customer average range for a second shift 2pm-10pm was 700-1100 customers. I learned a lot from associated with that amount of people. So that was the biggest perk about this job compared to all the previous ones. The night shift is rough and you do encounter many issues you have to solve on the spot, on your own, and with good customer service. I also learned a lot what it takes to manage inventory as a small business and how it survives in the long term.

I used to be interested in owning a business but after what I been learning in this one I think I have changed my mind. There is too much micromanaging in small businesses that it becomes a headache most of the time. I don’t get headaches but its the expression 😛