The FL Army National Guard was the most fun I had so far in an occupation. I may not have exactly got the position I desired but being part of the military was something that I always wanted to be in. Originally I was suppose to join the Air Force but the educational benefits of the National Guard seemed better at the time. Not only that but I was setting up a link into an Army ROTC officer program to become an officer. My duties were a Radio Operator. The exact duties can be looked up but I will not specify the exact tasks involved.

I trained initially at the Gun Club unit RSP for Basic Combat Training preparation. Then I went to Fort Benning Fox 2-19 Basic Combat Training for 10 weeks. Basic was a lot of fun and I miss that experience. My job training was then at Fort Gordon Bravo 369 Signal School. I was the Honor Graduate with an average 99.8/100 score. There were 2 individuals I owe my success to for passing the run test and I wish I remembered their names but it has been many years passed. My unit was then 50th ASG in Homestead.

I had to drive about 95 miles for each drill weekend which was manageable but I didn’t like leaving very very early just to get there on time. Not only that but my drill money went into gas and hotel for the trips. Looking back i wished I had completed active duty instead but I was still working on the link to the ROTC program. As stated in the “My Story” in the transitions tab in this site; there are specified reasons why I left the Guard after 3.75 years of good service with an Honorable Discharge. Military life was the best and I will miss it dearly but now on a different path in life.