This is my second job that I friend offered me to join for a better work opportunity. Little did I know this was no better than Albertson’s Grocery. My duties were to clean the auditoriums and take tickets from people. The manager was not a stable minded individual and my friend that got me the job ended up becoming Assistant Manager. That same friend lead me to get fired with no notice because there was pop corn under some seats that can only be seen with a flash light which of course I was not able to see without a flashlight. It was a very unprofessional managed theater. It is irrational to fire someone for something they cannot see. This job only lasted 3 weeks because of that unstable manager. Whatever affected that manager at that time also affected my friend that got me the job. I come to find a year later he broke into the managers office and was arrested. At the time I had applied to Target and was happy to get out of that crazy place.