This was the first job I enjoyed and actually wanted to work at. My duties were the sales floor safety, appearance, and service. It was a nice change to be in a team environment with no crazy conditions. I was initially assigned to Electronics as desired. I sold the most electronics because of my knowledge base and service but that came with an issue. As I was busy the entire shift selling the management’s main concern was if I was making sure the section was neat. I received no recognition for the amount of sales I did for the store and instead was removed from that section for lack of section management. They were right to an extent but its hard to help many people, do sales and then try to neaten up everything. Easy for all the rest of the sections of the store that only have to walk around and neaten up and point to items around the store.

It was nice while it lasted to be in electronics. I was then moved to domestics which is home and bath. I was very good at what I did and my section was very neat at all times. I also finally received recognition of my services through this section unlike electronics where all they cared was on how it looked. After 1.5 years of good service at Target I came across 2 issues that lead to me departing from there. They would schedule me on weekdays to work when they know I was in high school at the time. I was written up for no show and they ignored the fact I was still in high school.

The second issue was that I enlisted in the FL Army National Guard and had to report to one weekend a month from training. At the time in Target I worked only weekends. I passed but the employee lounge were the store leaders were having a meeting and they said I was a waste of time to now only work 3 weekends out of the month. I was disgusted on how they spoke of me like such and gave a written notice to the store manager I was leaving due to the disrespect and lack of care with scheduling. It was a nice place to work at but the people there were doing questionable things as stated above.