Yesterday it was quite interesting that I had a dream of actually jogging 26.2 miles and it went fine and swiftly. It was actually quite an enjoyable experience to run. In the real and awake state for many many yers I have always hated running. Not sure if I am ultimately lazy but even in the Army in top shape I could be I hated to do it. Soemthing about it now I am developing a love for running. Not that high of a love yet but I do admire the changes to the body exercising is doing.

The long distance walking I am doing now is developing my legs pretty nicely. Whats interesting to me is that when you do long distance walking through the same environment you used to drive around for years; you see alot more via walking. I saw lots of things I would never see because of driving. Its as if all surroundings are ignored and not appreciate when you don’t have the opportunity to stroll around. See all of the unique landscaping and front yards. To smell the different foods being cooked at dinner time. Its a must try experience i would recommend for everyone. Let it be atleast 4-5 miles through a variety of areas.

Back to the dream as I was side tracked. I think it is very important to visualize in pair with goals. Many motivational sources such as “The Secret”” has said many things about this process. One of the speakers said when you can go there in the mind, you can also go there in the body. I am going to pair that with more visualizing running 26.2 miles while building up my marathon training program. Well not really a program, just some fancy wording of attempted exercises I am making up as I progress.

6 months remain till race day. I am looking for completion not competition. With this limited remaining time it is critical for me to up the millage on my runs and do more endurance and cardio breathing training. Injury prevention is key to actually ensure I can make it to race day. Here’s to more visuals and physical running to come. Bring it on marathon.