Well for a long time I had to pay an obligation to PBSC of 1535.85 that put my educational plans on hold. What had happened was i left my classes because I wasn’t doing to well and that created an obligation to pay the campus that money because it was after the withdraw deadline. I don’t agree with the way the debt was created but its all taken care of now.

It was nice to pay it off finally but now I am being told I cannot activate a loan fast enough for summer term nor did I have this summer covered via FAFSA. Apparently if I applied for the 2013-2014 FAFSA year it covers next years summer and not this one. I am not sure how this will work out to continue back to school for the summer term I intended. This does not stop my school plans but surely makes a issue to work around.

One thing I never understand that no entity fully has all the info I need to know so I can plan accordingly. FAFSA should have stated which summer was included. The college should have dates on when its too late to do loan requests. That list goes on. I don’t know if this is for all aspects of college/university stuff but there is always a lack of stating the important information needed. It really grinds my gears to be back and forth to get this school thing going.

Good news is that my transcript is unlocked from this school but bad news is that the classes I attempted now negatively affect my GPA. I used to have maybe a 3.5 I think that has now become a 2.75. My plan was to do some classes during said summer to boost the GPA to the highest it can be for UCF transfer acceptance. Bad enough that last time I ever did the SAT and ACT I only did average if anything. Well new plan is to just study and take practice tests as well as doing the loan request for summer term. Like Captain Picard I will make it so.