This is something very important to me but not sure where to find such a place. Imagine a neighborhood where people aren’t afraid of the people they live next to. Imagine a place where if you forget to lock a door you aren’t worried. A place that the people near you look forward to making hang outs or mini parties with you. Imagine how nice it would be that all you live around aren’t afraid to wave, smile and make convo.

Well unfortunately due to some bad eggs spread all over the country no place 100% like that exists to my current knowledge. It sickens me sometimes that most I know cannot name 1 name of the people they live next to nor don’t even care to find out. Odd that we called the “United” States but nothing seems united at all in local neighborhoods where we reside. Most are probably afraid and don’t care who they live next to.

Of course there are no requirements to associate with people you live around as well as some are hermits and don’t want to be bothered. It would NOT hurt to associate with people around you. Religious viewed or not all humans are related because we are the same creature! Sometimes if 2 dogs or 2 cats live together, they will in time after association get along fine. Imagine if humans did the same with people around them. We live in a time of alienation and separation. We live in a time where its ok to be like “Imma do my thing and don’t care about those around me”

United we stand, divided we fall. In a peace time we are very much divided. We need to unite and drop the fears of those that live around us. I personally have been in many environments where I had to live with others and the truth is those were the best times. I would hate to finally get my own place and people around my house go back and forth with blinders to who resides nearby. The word unity is in the word community. I bet most haven’t realized that.

This goes back to the previous post about spreading love. Everyone needs to put in their effort to seek those in their community, to unite, and to build a new society based on association not alienation. We have always been taught don’t talk to strangers but that was only for kidnapping/rape prevention. What happens that hardwired thought has kept us from uniting as communities. I don’t blame parents for teaching that to us but what about teaching social skills. Life  isn’t all about making a family and then being defined by the work you do until you die.

We are having a human experience on this planet if you are reading this. If you are a human you are then responsible for goes along with being a social creature. Spread the love and love they neighbor. Its that easy.