Recently I been trying to follow this whole cold war that North Korea is starting. All of the actions that country is irrational and they fail to realize they are alone and against superior forces. I don’t care how big their Army is compared to South Korea or how they directly threaten them. They will fail at any conflicts started and its easy to see they are the cheese that stands alone. Reckless decisions will always backfire. The media on the other hand are eating this up because of the lack of stories to cover. They are hyping it way too much in my opinion.

What I come to realize is that its a lot easier to spread love then muster energy to hate. It takes way more energy to make anger and hate. Still with that fact people or countries would rather result to hate or anger. Its very much quite unnecessary. Maybe my mindset is ahead of my generation but I’m all about spreading appreciation and love no matter the situation. Love and care can soothe the people and problems melt away. When I am confronted by an angry person, I know how to now wash then with compassion and care to whats causing the problem to make solutions.

It really is that easy. Its hard to argue at someone who can make you laugh, or yell at someone smiling at you. The list can go on of examples but of course still on a case by case basis on if people feed the situation wrong. Its easier to be pro-peace than anti-war. Its better to be on a active budget re-evaluation than to be anti-debt. Whatever root you think of to be anti- whatever it might be is the wrong way to go. One must be pro- whatever it is the solution. If during voting time I was for Obama; I would be pro-Obama and not anti-Romney. Don’t put the problem/opposite in focus.

That is one of many tools of how to spread care, love, and support. Its easier and much better to hug and smile than yell and hit. That right there needs to be pondered but all humans on earth on how they are to each other, animals and  towards things. I know I cannot change the world but I do know I can one at a time that creates a tree layout of effects. If I can enlighten atleast 2 people to spread love/care; and for them to do so also to atleast 2, then I know I helped.