Fun fact I live in the “sunshine state” Florida. One thing about me though is that I love the rain for many reasons. The sounds of it pattering on the roof is a very soothing trance. I like the dominating effect thunder has with its booming roar of power. (ha to think about it really is power). Speaking of lightning and this is off topic; I have not seen nor heard it in many years. I do not know if this is just my local region or everywhere else on the earth. In the past lightning would occur with most all rain showers. Let me not get into conspiracy theories.

I must make clear though I do not like to get rained on in situations where I do not want to be wet. Such situations are but not limited to: on my way to work on a bike, coming out of grocery shopping needing to load the car, or getting my sneakers wet that takes at least 2 days to dry. On the other hand I see all the beauty rain does for the environment. Just like a shower cleans us via soap, the earth is partially so as well with rain. Humans are dirty sometimes and rain helps to adjust that fact.

Besides cleaning its amazing for plants. I remember watching the growth of thirsty plants out of my window and the blossoms of color after a rain storm. Sometimes not all that instant but there is a large enhancement after rain. Some people also do not know that rain before affected by air pollutants or the ground is perfectly clean drinkable water. In no way does that mean I will put buckets outside to collect drinking water. Its an example of pure, clean miracles of nature. To have clean water drop form the sky is one of those beauties of nature as well.

Some of us as kids used to love playing in puddles and the falling rain that didn’t have lightning. If I still have the chances I will still splash around the streets haha. Some joys in life will never get old. That is just me of course. Being rained on by semi-warm rain is quite the experience too. Others tell me kissing in the rain is also quite the experience to try as the patter of rain drops is supplementary to the sensual natures of the kiss itself. No notebook reference here as I never seen that movie and only its cover art.

I will surely not make rain dances but I would surely enjoy for it to rain more often. Our nature needs it very much every now and then. It stabilizes our water sources and can be relaxing for some. Others it can make havoc to sunshine based events/activities. What humans need to understand is that mother nature takes priority above anything we do. We live with nature, not above it. <-that right there is what lots of humans fail to recognize. (funny I say that as if I am an alien). To make it clear I am a human too who is curious to understand and make changes for the good.

In summary I will end it with like 4 Strings sang: “Let it rain”