I am very thankful for have 2 functional legs as there are some people out there that do not have that opportunity. Much respect to those in wheel chairs. I have come ot the high appreciation of many factors but so far in my itemized attempt of general appreciations of all aspects this came first. Legs are not just limbs, eye candy, or something that is just part of us. Its our best friends that can take us places.

Not only are they best friends but no need to give these besties gas money haha. It serves as an elevator of the sorts to bring us to ground level or as high as we can jump. They take us to safety via running away from dangers or takes us to new places via stairs, etc. Legs are the largest muscle group in the body that can excite the metabolism if building right. Without legs how can you piggyback ride or ride horses? Cuddling would be a lot different without legs for some positions.

Legs can also defend us if we can’t run away such to say as a nice kick or stomp. you can’t punch a door down but you can surely kick one 😛 Swimming is 50% possible because of legs. Of course on could find a way to stay afloat or swim with arms but that is twice the work. I think we all need to realize how much legs do for us because I have also known soldiers that have stepped on IED’s and no longer can walk. It wouldn’t hurt to give that half of our body more attention and care they deserve for bearing all of our weight on them.

In conclusion as I’m coming to appreciate myself more, this is my first stop.