Before I get into this topic I must declare a couple items. I am very good at what I do in this specific job and I will not say the name or location of where these items occur. These items DO NOT represent all gas stations/employee practices or experiences. These items do not represent the company you may know I work for. Some of these items are indeed true and are listed for fun so enjoy.

Here it goes…

1) If you argue with us for a mistake you made but blame on us such as saying the wrong pump number; ITS YOUR FAULT, not mine. You piss me off more than you would be if someone took your gas money because you cannot remember or fail to say the right pump number for your pre-payment of gas. As soon as you leave we will talk bad and joke about you, sorry.

2) SMOKERS piss us off often on the fact that some are semi-mindless when asking for what they need and make us walk around more than we need to. Its bad enough we don’t have breaks in this job and you aren’t specific on what you need. PLEASE STOP DOING THIS: “I need a box of Newports please” -scans the cigs- “oh sorry I meant Newports 100’s” -walks back to change size-…..OMG customers will never know how aggravating that really is all day.

3) People under 30 that look young know they will get ID for beer and cigs but give us a hard time when we ask for it. Just show us the dam thing you know the laws. 50-75% of customers get angry for us asking…ITS MY DAM JOB TO DO IT and we get tested by the police almost once a week. Sometimes when you get flustered about digging in your pocket for it we just can’t wait to see an underage/fake ID so we can say GTFO.

4) We hand you change into your hands please give us the money the same way. I do not know if these occurs in other retail like places but its highly dis-respectful to toss money on the counter but expect us to put change in your hand. If I really didn’t need my drop I would throw the change at you the same way you toss it on the counter as if you don’t care. I haven’t identified why people do that…

5) We do make an honest effort to get rid of old items in the store but take into account my store has thousands of items. About 110,000 dollars worth of merchandise to keep track of while people at home sometimes don’t even check their own food in their fridge. Effort counts right 😛

6) Its not that we intentionally leave old food on the roller grill/hot case; there are soo much things to do as a gas station employee that it slips our mind to throw away old items and put new ones. this happens RARELY but we do our best to keep track of temperatures and how long stuff has been there. Undercooked is worse then a 4 hour hot dog so people know.

7) We love to kick people off the property that are begging for money. I can justify this because its a breach of personal safety when people are approaching you in such situations as a station. If there are frequent beggars around it will scare customers away. The job as stated sucks and we have no breaks so its fun to yell at people to get off the property.

8) hmm I guess I haven’t stated it yet but somehow most busy gas stations doesn’t have lunch breaks nor 15 rest periods like conventional jobs do. People don’t know this and think out job is cheesecake. Well maybe if we were like XYZ station that gets to sit on a stool by a window all night but we are open 24/7 with 300-1500 per 8 hour shift. Therefore there are no breaks unless you eat something. Most likely you have to eat fast because there is much to do.

9) We may say its ok accidents happen when you spill a large drink all over but it simply just pisses us off and reminds us of how much janitorial we are.

10) We are tired of people short changing us as if its ok not to pay tax on purchases. We do not make the prices nor have control over how items are taxed at this store. Therefore if your dutch is 1.05 and you comer here often BRING YOUR DAM NICKEL. Makes me sick when I witness customers with pocket full of cash but they don’t want to give 2 dollars for a 1.05 purchase. They rather say I only have a dollar. I would like to say then GTFO if you don’t have the 5 cents but the owner said don’t worry about it (the hell I don’t want my register short). If your are nice like many female customers are I let you slide on occasions (not sexist but women are more honest).

11) We are not afraid to call the police for most any reason so please don’t cause trouble. We just want to get through our shift without issues but you will be surprised how many things come up each day.

12) STOP coming into our store with no shirt on. I don’t care how in shape you are it scares away customers. Some reason we cannot post a sign that says no shirt no shoes, no service…I would like to tell these people GTFO but I can’t.

13) The only reason we watch you closely when you enter the store is to make sure you are not plotting to hurt and rob us. Well mainly hurt us we don’t care if you take the money. I have heard of places across from us of the clerk getting shot after the register opened. Tell you the truth I don’t give a dam if you take anything. I just want to live through my shift without being dead/hurt. The way we are behind the counter we cannot stop you if you steal and we can’t and do not want to run after people. This fact stated people are not suppose to know ha.

14) We are not in the mood for your small talk of non-sense when there is a line of customers or at night when there is stuff to do. We can care less about anything you rant to us like a situation you came from or where you are going. We do enjoy joking or talking when situations permit. Don’t hold me up with non-sense talk (I am having trouble making a direct example).

15) Understand that we are overworked so mistakes can happen when we are helping 300-1500 per shift, and clean, and cook, and stock, and process deliveries, and deal with issues. Remember we aren’t XYZ station that just sits on a stool all day.

15) Please stop comparing our prices to wal-mart we don’t care nor have control over price setting. Wal-mart has better bulk purchasing power than we do therefore can sell things cheaper. STOP complaining “oh I can get this cheaper at XYZ”. I DON’T CARE THEN GO THERE PLZ K THANX. Hearing you rant about prices is too much on top of how this job sucks.

16) If you card declines its DECLINED. Don’t argue with me for what the register tells me and you. I don’t care if you show me your bank account from your phone. If it doesn’t process then we cannot do anything about it.

17) We do not know what phone cards work for what countries nor if its good or not. So stop asking we know as much as you do.

18) If you enter the store quietly and we are working on something say you are there. Our door bell stopped working when people enter so sometimes its as if people slip into the store and then get pissed for waiting at the counter. WE CANNOT HEAR YOU ENTER with all them dam machines running. Stop getting flustered for this fact. We are not ignoring you, say something. There’s much work to do at night unlike XYZ station that sits on a stool all night.

19) We wish we could “oogle” at pretty customers like fellow customers could. I see a lot of beautiful people on their way to the beach, gym, club and OMG… ahem -clears throat- We maintain our professional service…until you walk out the door haha. Sorry but if you dress to impress we are going to look.

20) On the subject of pretty customers we enjoy talk to you and making you smile unlike the rest of our customer base….Yes we also serve a lot of homeless people as well as hermits who never shower, etc.

Well that is all I could think of for now. That was confessions of a gas station employee.