To begin I think it is odd that the term “sex” is used to 2 ways. 1) used if you are male/female, 2) an act of reproduction. This topic is something I have been enlightened about since being transgender and would like to share with people.

There is a distinct difference of our orientation and status when it comes to being male/female. Our gender orientation is where we are comfortable expressing ourselves on the gender spectrum of expressions. Our sex status is the biological definition of our position in reproductive acts. Just as much like how transgender people would say that there is a difference of gender and sexuality; to me there is also now expressions.

We have to look closely at how we raise children. The minute we find out what sex the baby will be we already begin to wash them of how we intend that new life to be. This aspect has been discussed many times to note. To me, not that I have the scientific information to back this statement; male and female brains are identical to an extent and are not born with set expressions.

In theory there might be hereditary traits being passed that will naturally come about but kids learn from environment, TV, and from being washed by parents on how they are suppose to be. This is my conflict when it comes to expressions. Not on the basis that parents make a mold of how they want their children to be. Its on the basis that expressions are heavily judged and limited in understanding.

My sex is male but gender is female. It means my expression intentions are of the societal built of what female is. Through the generations of females in time there has been a mold built of what or who they are suppose to be like. This is true for males as well. I do like though current generations wish to break the molds and attempt to understand the gender spectrum of expressions to be more free to express in unique ways instead of being forced into a mold.

I don’t think there is a need to itemize a list of conventional stereotypes of expressions to define said molds. We all know what a “typical” male or female is. What is becoming more often is finally finding a comfort spot on where you would like to express yourself. Keep in mind without the gender molds the spectrum line would have issues on where is what. I will try to make a line here of what a spectrum really is.

<—macho man—guy—boy—effiminate—[neutral zone]—tomboy—girl—woman—lady—>

That isn’t the official example but it is how I have come to understand it. It is ok to be anywhere on there no matter your sex. I can be a male but be a lady in expressions. When I say expressions its not just mannerisms or how I do things. It is on the basis of lifestyle, wardrobe, and everything about me. I do refer to my situation many times on this topic but I do acknowledge all varieties of gender orientations.

To review, sex is DNA/and genital based, gender is comfort areas of expressions, and lastly sexuality is comfort areas of love. Sexuality is independent of sex and gender influences. I can be a male of lady expressions and like women if I felt comfortable there. My own sexuality will be discussed in a future post on how it works with being transgender. One thing to make clear is that we don’t simply choose a comfort area when it comes to gender expressions just like sexuality. There just is a point we have to find and settle in that is already pre-determined.