r and r

Good ol’ Wiki: R&R, military term for rest and recuperation (or rest and relaxation)

You don’t have to be part of the military to understand that down time is needed for balance. This isn’t to be confused with nor influence sedentary lifestyles of just doing nothing. I am speaking about much needed awake state resting. I will acknowledge those that have kids/multiple jobs/other unspecified obligations are limited in the nature for R&R. I have met people that like to work 80 hours and they didn’t financially need to.

Its a sad fact to me when people think their free time should be used for money. Its almost like selling yourself at that point. What can I say, its their free time and people have their own choice what to do with it so I will withdraw my judgement of use. Its not a lazy trait to enjoy breaks, to lay for no reason, to sit and ponder for a little bit. We are not machines that can run all day.

We need time to charge the batteries. Yes sleep can do that partially for us just as food does. Mental health requires on case by case basis that all humans need rest from work and to just let go of everything. Our world is currently filled with lots of things to think about, keep track of, and energy drinks are constantly breathing on our shoulders to be substitutes. Energy drinks are NOT the solution when tired.

When we bottom out on energy and coping abilities the body will ask for rest. Rest is different from sleep as its almost like a state of trance. If anyone ever had radiator problems in their car know about when they see the temp. gauge go up to pull over and let the car cool for maybe 10-20 mins. There is no set times on how much rest is required for R&R. Its possibly easier to think of it as lounging.

To me lounging is the best thing in the world to do next to being in relaxation hypnosis. To lay about and let time and problems pass is a nice feeling. No matter how much issues are present, they will be there no matter if we think about it or not. So why revolve the worry until its fixed? Just kick back in your favorite style and position and let go. I recommend this process daily but not everyone has free time that often I understand.

I also recommend limiting the amount of clothing if possible. Go nude if that’s what your into haha but I will say why. It’s a big no-no to hang out in work clothes home I learned from my mother. Even school clothes, whatever is affiliated from where you came, shed it off. What you wear affects your mood and mindsets. When you shed the clothes it will be the same as letting things off your shoulders and mind of that current day.

Practice that feeling and action together and that will help boost the R&R time. Clothes to me carry identities because each sets are used for different purposes. Comfortable basics (underwear) and if you have; lounging attire (anything you deem). After you have dressed the part the next step is either silence, ponder and reflect (sometimes an entire day can pass and not notice things flying about in the scheme of it all), music, or movie. Me personally I am against TV for R&R as it sometimes has negative effects of addiction.

Music and movies have an end to them and therefore can be set without mood changes to enhance R&R. To take note, this is my way and how I go about R&R. The alternate version of this instead of lounging in the house would be at the beach if local and sunny. Other people like to go out of their house, go places, or be around loved ones. No matter if you do my style, the examples, or your own unique practices; R&R is highly important part of our life and health.

There are many great benefits of always having well rest. Better decision making for work, life, and safety. You will have more focus on tasks and have the energy to do them more efficiently. For me a natural form of energy comes about so I don’t have to result to energy drinks. One day I had slept for 10 hours but also lounged for around 5 hours before nightshift. I had a superb amount of energy for that nights coming work. A lot of physical labor was that same day.

To sum it up, slow down and enjoy life. If you don’t stop every once in a while, life will pass you by will become old before you know it. If you love yourself, them pamper your body and mind 🙂