I have mixed feelings about this topic. In a way a diagnosis is needed for insurance billing and medical directing into solutions. On the other hand when I look at myself in third person on the thoughts I have, I do not like the fact I have a “mental disorder”. This roots to being a realist. The logical side of me knows that there is gender expressions and that is the truth of the situation I remind myself.

I understand that not all mental disorders are evil and our fault. Its still fully unknown with lack of research on the matter. There is a bad reputation of having said mental disorders if one specifically focuses on the fact of having one. Most all who transition don’t see themselves having a “disorder” which I agree. We are just trying to align ourselves to happiness on the gender spectrum.

Before intense therapy and medical solutions, I had revolving depression that I was stuck under a label where people would deem me medically unfit. In fact the military has called me that upon my departure. I don’t feel medically unfit and neither do people like me. Again if I were to step on the outside, we have a disagreement against our biological sex. Still there are gender expressions but still the realist part of me kicks in about that.

Its nice that the word disorder will be taken out with the DSM-V as described below to bring a little more peace of mind to those that can view their situation outside of their own shoes. We never want to be viewed as dysfunctional people. No matter how extreme the solutions are; we are just regular people pushing boundaries on expressions in search for happiness.

There are too many closed minded individuals out there that see us as self mutilators. I will not comment on the religious views on transgender people. Some have even called us freaks and birth defects. The list can go on but nothing is worse than a label of disorder. Even with that present, I will continue on with my head held high in attempts for long term happiness pursuit.

Good ol’ Wiki: “Gender Identity Disorder is classified as a medical disorder by the ICD-10 CM and by the DSM-IV TR. The upcoming DSM-5, however, will remove the diagnosis and replace it with a related diagnosis called “Gender Dysphoria”. Controversy exists as to whether GID should be classified as a mental disorder. Many transgender people and researchers support the declassification of GID as a mental disorder for several reasons. The classification of GID as a mental disorder pathologizes gender variance, and reinforces the binary model of gender. Diagnosis of a mental disorder can also result in harmful stigmatization of transgender individuals.”