Many people my age are starting to catch this…disease mindset. Its temporary in duration until the individual figures out an interest. I always hear that “if you do what you love, you will never work a day”. Well ok I get that but I am having trouble to identify what I want to do. Sometimes I think I am looking to deep about selecting something. At the same time, choices seem very limited.

Currently I live in the country where there is a set system and a set of XYZ occupations. One has to choose one in order to survive or attempt to live on the streets. One simply does not sit around and make money without doing anything as much as we would like. To me when you are limited to X amount of occupations out there that require heavy training and a degree; it limits talent abilities of some people.

I met many people with large passions or talents but then result to something they semi-like and wither away in that end result occupation. In example I once know someone that was very musically talented but afraid to pursue that passion. They shelved that talent like a book and forced them self to go after what was to them “real work”. That isn’t exactly wasted talent, its just not a wise decision to have shelved that talent.

Yes its always smart to have a back up plan to fall on just in case a passion doesn’t work. At the same time I will never forget what Kirk Nugent says in his inspirational talks “to pursue your passion”. He is 110% right that the richest place in the world is grave sites. There lies not only bodies, but also books that were never written, songs never sung, dancing never done, kisses/hugs never given to who they wished them for, etc etc the list can go on.

Life is too short and we are not getting younger. PURSUE YOUR PASSION…just that I have not found what mine is yet. I try to inspire all I know to do what they love instead of ‘just working”. I been following up with many I used to know and only a handful of them 5 years post graduation are going after something they want. Then again its their life and they can do as they please. I have no room to judge their choices.

On the other hand we are sometimes inflated that we are suppose to do something great. Which is great and all but if we all became doctors, who is going to be nurses and CNA’s? If we all go after business management, who is going to be the regular workers? That’s something important to ponder that we all have a place in the system that is long as we let it to be.

So to sum it up i have no idea what to do. If i could live on the mountain and become a monk I would. That isn’t possible so I have to force myself and dig deep for a passion. Some older friends I met have gotten into drugs and are going from job to job. Others have a hard time of even thinking of real occupations and remain in little jobs. This is more common than you think.

I hope I get my stuff together soon as well as the many others like myself soon because time passes by no matter if we do  something or not. Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you are right. I wish I remember who said that. That will help to get out of this disease mindset.