I have an issue I don’t understand. There are some people out there that think they know what love is. There are some that believe they are not judge-mental. Some people even think animals have no thinking but are just living things in “our world”. Humans share existence on Earth, not a supreme creature over all. Even if one were to try to claim we are a supreme creature at the moment, us humans fail to understand the unconditional love aspects that some fellow mammals have for us.

Some animals like dogs have bonding abilities. In these bonding instances they build unconditional love no matter what. Humans can learn from the example from dogs of that specific type of love. Don’t we desire that out of fellow humans as well? It is possible but humans are too busy having fun and trying to make money to remember that fact. There is more about how “dog is man’s best friend”.

No matter how I dress, what I do, who I am, if I do something exactly different, my dog will not judge me. He loves me for me. Maybe my dog doesn’t know society trends and structures that create judgement/hate. Maybe from that we have to re-evaluate what society standards do to us. Society comes with being social but with a price. Unconditional love is hard to create and boost in an environment that says whats right and wrong from the social scenes.

Point being we can learn a lot more from animals we share the Earth experience with. Now as you think about it, we aren’t such a supreme creature after all huh…I hope the future generations keep pushing boundaries and expand love to occur at all times and not just sometimes for somethings.