Picture is for the chuckle 😛 There is something about nail painting that guys will never know till they either try it or if someone explains it. Most likely it will be from people like me explaining it. Fun facts b4 we begin from good ol’ wiki: “Nail Polish today is a refined version of the paint on vehicles”. There is also an interesting history on when/how nail painting came into play. It went from social standings, to actual polishing, then to a style of being well groomed.

Nail painting is no requirement of women and it wouldn’t kill a man if they messed around with it too. Life is very short and boring sometimes, might as well adventure right? To me, painted nails can be like an accessory that adds pizzazz to the regular look. Its like a diamond earring that makes a regular ear and overall look, become better. From clear coats to crazy designs, they are all nice if done right.

I love to paint nails not because of my female mentality/interests; but that it teaches patience, precision, and peace. The patience comes out of having the wait for drying times and the small spaces to work with. Precision comes out of slow even strokes to not overlap and brush against the skin. Peace comes out of the process because it can be relaxing and fun from the time invested into self.

Chinese Proverb: One who knows patience, knows peace

If that proverb is indeed true as i find it so; I believe that there should be more female leaders. There might be less conflicts if women lead the world but that’s just my thinking. One day we shall see what happens. I am for more women in opportunities. Not because there is a lack of them in certain areas. More because they need to be reminded and re-enlightened they can do anything men can.