copyright noob

I am so out of the loop when it comes to copyright knowledge, editing, and original content. I have not received any notices on my small blog but I better be proactive and enlightened on the right practices to begin with. I am sorry that I didn’t realize how not so smart it was to copy, save, post any random pic that would enhance my posts. I am a newbie to this electronic writing interface.

I did come across people talking about certain domains for royalty/free use after rights purchase picture sites. I don’t have money for that at the moment. I also am out of a camera to take pictures. I Don’t even know where to begin on finding the legit sources about copyright and ownership regulations. My solution is that I will replace all content used with my own original creations. You will get to giggle at my superb art skills.

A successful page needs to do the right legal things from the start. I shall do so like Captain Picard and “make it so”.