Stood up


Being stood up as a general term of items. Listed but not limited to: bring promised something but no delivery, ready and being told a time but person arriving hours later, being told of a call back to hang out on your day off of boredom but no call back all day, arrive at a place a friend planned to meet you but friend says they are tired and cancel 30mins after meeting time. The list can keep going but the point is there. When people fail, they don’t care and you suffer.

Its happened a lot in my experiences. Not sure how to avoid being stood up because everyone does it to someone. Maybe I have don’t it to someone and not know it. Point is when I need to rely upon people, sometimes it never goes to plan. I nor anyone likes to suffer but still there are careless people out there that do not care. This has even happened in my medical solutions.

There was a doctor who made me wait 40mins because they office couldn’t figure out the billing. We cleared it up and he pops by and says want to reschedule without even doing any sessions. If you prescribe medicine; DON’T PLAY WITH ME LIKE THAT. It was highly unprofessional and I do not plan on staying with an office that cannot get their billing straight.

It would be nice if I can build a certain network of people and resources that will always deliver as a 2-way relations. I might have high rigid expectations but the examples above are just too much for me to take in. I guess we don’t live in a perfect world and to just be prepared if I am stood up over and over again. I never been stood up by a date and that’s the original term origin. Then again i been single forever and I am forever alone…