I am very thankful for the gift of sight. Eyes are a wonder to me. There are many of us that don’t understand how eyes operate and take them for granted. Some people take it to other levels and say eyes are the window to the soul. People like to complement others on their pretty eyes as if it’s an accessory. Either way, people need to see the significance of sight.

The beauty of nature is best enjoyed via sight. We take in all the colors, the scenery, and the abilities to interact with other creatures included. Imagine a world where sight never existed? There are critters out there that use only sound or feel to get around but they are missing out on the visual environment that surrounds them.

I personally do have a set back of color reduced near-sight. Irregardless that doesn’t stop me from the basic sight to visually enjoy everything around me. This can be from sight seeing to people watching for eye candy. Many times for me I can see the inner beauty in people even if their presentation tries to persuade me otherwise.

Without sight I would not be able to read nor write. I am very thankful that my eyes are in operation because there are others out there that are born blind or have lost their sight through different means. We must always look at the bright side of situations, and eyes are sometimes required. The only time that wouldn’t work is if you thought about looking at the sun 😛