blank canvas

I have come to find after lots of experiences and teachings that I create most aspects of my life. Some like to believe that there is a defined purpose for us that we have to seek. Others think that whatever pops up first is the right thing to do. There are many that end up in situations they dislike because the law of Attraction is no biased to likes/dislikes.

There are many ways to come about learning the law of attraction. The Secret, dvd best sums up the general teachings to understand how it works. There are many motivational speakers that provide their own spin on how they understand it. It is basically whatever you think about, you bring about. Whether you think you can, or can’t; either way you are right.

When I look back at things I have done in life I began to notice that I attracted in all the said items. I am fully responsible to an extent for the recycling of the deep depression minus influences of MDD and GID at the time. It also blew my mind that I had directly used the process to obtain certain goals and not even know it.

In Air Force JROTC, all I wanted to do was become a top cadet. It was my main focus that was aided by a catalog. Everyday I had looked at the ranks and visualized what it would be like to wear them. It became a habitual practice of looking at the catalog and choosing what I wanted on the uniform. Sure enough after 3 years I became the top performing cadet and obtained everything I wanted.

It has been a while since I used the Law of Attraction as deep since high school. I know how it works but my mind was somewhere else during the healing therapy phase. I am fascinated on how life is our own blank canvas. Just like the JROTC and picking things I wanted from a catalog; life is the SAME thing. It becomes what I personally make of it.

If I so choose to live on the street, that will occur. If I choose to become successful, that will occur. Where ever the mind is at is where and what will happen. I have to re-invent my creative and attraction thinking to my advantage right now. Life is very short and I need to craft the rest to be the best of my experiences. With that in mind, I will visualize in text an ideal lifestyle I wish to attract.

My lifestyle after college is currently visualized to be a successful writer. I don’t know how my writings will be recognized during that time because it is the domain of the universe to know. My writings might be seen across a broad area of print like newspapers, magazines, news sites. I will go to other countries and write stories back home would like to hear about.

It some how popped into mind I wrote some books that led into great movies. The movie(s) that corresponded to these books were very much insightful with a deep plot that is much needed. These handful of books that led into movies then generated income that wasn’t small or extreme. It was just what I needed that helped me move into my dream housing, a nice car, and a strong savings base.

The dream housing is in a condo with sections that is all glass high above a city. The downtown is right at my doorstep at the bottom floor that has the energy of the night and the pizzazz in the day. It would have a nice balcony I can either soak in some sun or to ponder new ideas to write about. Going around this same downtown would help inspire me ideas on a daily basis for creativity.

I will find joy that I can comfortably work on smaller writing projects because the largest one enabled it so. Again the how is the domains of the universe. As a Libra, I am a social creature. I do enjoy my downtime alone but I cannot live life alone. My caring, loving partner I would do anything for resides with me. We make efforts to maintain the relations fresh on a daily basis.

Me and my partner go on adventures together. We will pick streets and just drive to see where it goes. To see what is around. Will shall spin a globe, land a finger on a random place and just go. When ¬†adventuring becomes too much, its back to quality time back at the condo. We will have an “”open door” like mentality to make any social gatherings with neighbors and people we care about.

Getting married and writing resulted in everything I ever wanted. To love and be loved as well as a downtown habitat. I am not after big flashy things. Just a specific housing, successful writing projects, and a soul mate. It is my blank canvas and that’s what I will fill it with.

Now the question is, what will you do with your blank canvas?