what is home

This simple doodle via paint has many meanings than just what it looks like. I have not exactly owned my own form of housing yet, but I will provide my insight of observations. Home is more than a place that you live in. Its a place of shelter, expressions, standing, hosting, and many other specific items to people. Some specific things would include but not limited to: family center, place of unity, safe haven, relaxation HQ, judgement free zone, etc.

Home has always been the first thing I am thankful for. Its a great shelter from the elements. There are some weather patterns such as hurricanes that will remind you the values of housing. Air conditioning provides stability in the ups and downs of mother nature. It keeps you dry and clean from extreme conditions. Its a place of safety from outside threats or dangers.

The main reason I left the house blank of color in the picture is for expressions. If money permits, a house is a great way to externally express your personality and interests via interior designing. It can hold trinkets of achievements to being filled of your favorite music. Just like clothes compliments our identity, you can sometimes tell a lot about people from their place of residence.

Standing in some forms means a place you call your own in ownership. Many people dream to own their personal space on this crowded mother earth. Some do enjoy to keep many levels of the family under one roof, while others desire an independence. Either way, ownership of real estate provides a sense of life achievement to people. Renting is also included under this clause because its just as much housing ownership.

Hosting can be a fun part about having a place. Besides the clean up duty, gathering people is the social duties of humans. Being able to create little parties and re-unions comes with having your own personal open door. The open door of your own has no limitations unless they are set by others. Potential soul mates, family, and friends are always encouraged and welcomed to come over.

A safe haven is for sure a guaranteed product from housing. In your own home there is no judgement in what you do behind closed doors (as long as it is legal and non-disruptive to neighbors of course). The reason the person in the picture is in lounging clothes is because its a place of freedoms. That freedom enables a relaxation HQ. A habitat for much needed R&R. Anything goes in a place of your own.

A home to me is more than just a shelter. Its the safe center of expressions, and social hosting. Its a habitat to grow and experience life with. Its everything I need and want it to be that I am thankful for.