When it comes to finding what you really like to do, its takes a lot of trial and effect. Some find what they love to do quickly while others spend a lifetime searching. I have also observed people going about the wrong passion they thought was the right one. Many situations can be given as example but when it comes down to it; a true passion is not a chore.

Anything that you love to do shouldn’t feel like a task. There are times when you try to do this said passion but you can be influenced by external factors. Some of these factors can be if you have tough job that makes you tired to work on that thing you love to do. In long term objectives, there are always ups and downs in the feelings about them.

I have been working hard at work because of some co-workers having to leave the country. This expended energy is taking away from my passion work of writing discovery. I confuse this expended energy as if writing is not for me and I run into writers block. What I fail to realize is that there is at least a handful of legitimate situations going on.

Many writers encounter the block more commonly than people think. One does not simply have ideas flowing all day everyday. Lots of it is imagination and inspirations base. If you are working hard in something else it can hinder that process. I thought writing was the wrong direction when that occurred.

I am glad that I remembered from the 10.000 hour rule is that it takes heavy constant flow of persistence to mastery. Anyone who has every done something great has experienced ups, downs, failures, and successes on their journey. If I am to fully confirm writing as a passion, I have to make sure that at all times this is never seen as a chore.

Passions are never a task to do. “Do what you love and you will never work a day”. I have always heard that quote but not sure of its origin. When I logged onto this site for the first time I never knew a couple items. There is an interactive community and wasn’t sure how people would come across my entries.

Most people who have created great success knew they were going to do something but didn’t know how nor how big it would become. Truth is I didn’t think this would be seen at all as I only intended it for myself and certain people to see. I am happy to interact with other bloggers on here. Unlike YouTube where you only know who watched it if they commented.

I look forward to long term writing in WordPress than I do videos for YouTube.