There are plenty things I love about roaming around a physical bookstore vs. the new trend of electronic reading. The first thing that comes to mind is the same for people when they are at a new car dealership. The presentation of the products is beautiful and the aroma of new books is a pleasant smell. Well most new things have an interesting smell to me.

Bookstores attract in an interesting customer base. There are the bookworms, the readers, the writers, students, coffee drinkers, etc. That customer base is usually peaceful, intellectual, or arts appreciating. It adds to the comforting atmosphere created by the store like a library. Its a vast resource of stories and information ready to be absorbed.

All of the shelves are superbly rich in nature of valuable content to entertaining stories. Some times when I enter the store, I just wish there was no limit to the books I can take home with me. Of course there is always the library that is free access but its not the same as ownership and the new book smell. The library is also a very dull place in my opinion because of their specific atmosphere.

Stores and libraries help maintain classics to be read. They encourage and spread literacy. It has life changing books that can be spread to help another person they know. There are guides on how to figure things out. Some books even help sharpen on specific skills to be the game changer. Other books paint vivid mental imagery or assist into happy temporary escapes. Getting lost in a book is a readers favored experience.

When you browse a bookstore, you have better chances to preview before you buy. To examine not only if the content is what you seek; but to also sense the materials and craftsmanship put into it. I am not judgmental on the materials involved and encountered a book today that was made of fully recycled paper.

Therefore as a future writer and a believer in physical books vs e-books; you will find me in bookstores often. My housing in the coming future will become just like the store. A vast resource at your fingertips and no need to recharge anything. Yes I would like to see less trees used but nothing beats owning physical books. That alone is why I love bookstores.


[Photo is inside a Barnes & Noble. I do not represent nor endorse this company. I am not a speaker for or using methods of encouragement about bookstores vs. online and e-books commerce]