I have learned this method from a variety of sources. Some books have explained and The Secret discusses a form of it for the Law of Attraction. When you look at the process involved, it makes sense and is easy to do. Just do XYZ as if you already have it achieved and watch it come your way. This is not the same as “the watched pot never boils”.

To better understand what I am talking about I will provide an example. I been having recent thoughts on becoming a writer. At the moment, the genre of writing that is best for me is undetermined. Lets say my confirmed genre was into fictional writing. I will make stories not matter if people are looking at them or not.

The exact difference of people who have mastered something and those who are trying; masters perform comfortably no matter if you check out their work or not. Those who starting try to hard and are affected too much by interaction. There is a reason why big singers stay big and why small singers stay small. Big ones have been the same since they were small.

When they were small they performed with a mindset as if they were big. Eventually that mindset provided them a path to success. You can actually hear the difference in singers who try to hard. Back to the example of writing; if I become fictional, I would write the stories as if I already had a best seller to an engaged audience.

Remember I created with blog site without knowing there was a interactive community that checks out each other’s content. I may not have that great writing skills, have issues with making shorter posts that will attract more readers, nor do I stick to a certain set of content. Irregardless I write no matter if I am being watched or not, and that right there is the distinct difference.

Fake it till you make it…Dance to a group of friends as if you were on a stage. Sing a song to a loved one as if you were on a grand tour. Paint as if that painting is expected to be hung in the national gallery. Write as if your content produces best sellers. Law of Attraction is accelerated when you perform just like that. The Arts isn’t the only area this can be applied to.

Lets say my goal was to become a manager at a current job. I would treat each day as at the job as if I was already the manager. My presentation and practices would then make me a successful one because the mindset is already there. There is a difference of dumping a position onto someone and promoting someone who already possesses the mentality of management.

It really is that easy. Just try your best at what you do, as if mastery is already achieved. It makes a mold for success without you knowing it. I have encountered some bloggers on here that have this process on “lock”. http://anothercityurbanite.wordpress.com/Β is a great example. She knows where she would like to be and is currently making content similar to desired destination.

“AnotherCityUrbanite” may not know it but is making a mold for success. When you do exactly what you would like to do now, the goal career will come to you easier. You will then attract in resources and people that are that destination you desire. It will become almost mind blowing of how the Law of Attraction will participate when you put in “Fake it till you make it”

This simple statement the post is about isn’t to be viewed as a bad thing when I say fake it. It’s simply doing that XYZ no matter the current conditions. Irregardless of there is zero feedback or 1 million fans. Do you best at all times since the start and by the time you finish; everything takes care of itself.