To dress


This is probably the second biggest inner battle that is encountered. When does one go about wardrobe change? Some will tell you its appearance based, while other’s say its when your ready. People like me just go crazy and take a long time to determine when that time is right.

There are legitimate reasons of halting the start of dressing. Some of which can be facial hair growing back too fast, block shaped body that fits oddly in curved clothing, or harassment potential if you live in the wrong areas. Keep in mind though I am aware that body shapes shouldn’t be a factor. I have been also told that there are tricks to hide facial hair but I don’t know of any.

Sometimes when you personally have to wait till you are ready, procrastination will kick in and that day will be a long time away. I am thankful that there are key people I am meeting who are assisting with wardrobe adjustments. In a support group meeting I have pointed out that dressing is supplementary to your expressions and that expressions shouldn’t be primarily based on how you dress.

Being you own biggest critic as explained in the past hinders this process the most. We see things a lot different than the public would. I have known some cross-dressers who actually get positive comments while they are in disputes of their looks. Its one thing of not sure what to wear, and another not sure when to dress up more often.

There are some out there like me that let weight status stop us from dressing. Funny part is that I observe many biological women wear things that barely fit them or otherwise present un-tastefully. In the end we have to only make ourselves happy via putting on whatever clothing we desire right? I have no room to judge against big females as a male attempting to cross-dress.

When one transitions, its not really like “playing dress up” as it seems. Its working towards that supplementary level of expressions that helps boost who I am. Transgender people mostly do not dress differently for any forms of sexual gratification. One has to dress the part they desire. One thing I am glad is that male to female transitioner’s do not have a certain look they are going for.

I do observe that some have obsessions with high heels but that occurs with only some. I will not call out which group goes for XYZ look that makes them stick out. If I did then you would know exactly what I mean. As for the picture of the dress, I am not going towards a dress anytime soon. There is no practical situations for me to utilize one. Even if that is true doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear one.

A dress is an interesting garment that has evolved in the fashion industry of different shapes, sizes, and materials. Dresses to me are the prime representation of elegance and being feminine. There are some biological women I know that hate dresses but they fail to see what beauty traditions come out of them.

Therefore in my persistent pondering of when to start dressing the part, I will just have to be like nike; “just do it”. I have to put aside factors like my body shape, weight status, and the inner critic to disappear.