I am not really into reviewing products but thought I had to unofficially promote something 😛 I am a big fan of “Muscle Milk Brand” products because of their unique tastes and light versions. Muscle milks will always be my first choice even with this discovery. “Lenny and Larry’s all natural peanut butter muscle brownie” is superbly delicious.

In 7-Eleven I came across this brownie out of curiosity. I was getting into meal replacement protein bars at first but brownies had caught my attention. Little Debbie brownies are my favorite and if this  happens to have protein and Little Debbie brownie taste; it would be the best supplement choice ever. Turns out it doesn’t taste like chalk and it actually resembles brownie taste.

We all know cookies and cream protein bars DO NOT taste like they state haha. This brownies taste blows the other protein bars out of the water. Its a must try at least once, even if you are into other protein sources. My only issue with this is the sugar content. It’s 24g if you eat the whole thing. Unfortunately, on a sugar reduction plan this brownie will be on occasion for me.

If that isn’t an issue for you, try it and you won’t regret doing so. Check out their website at: http://www.lennylarry.com

(This is a self-initiated review. I do not represent nor endorse any products on this site. I do not represent nor speak for the Lenny and Larry company. This post has no intentions to false advertise or unofficially advertise. No commercial usage or gains here)