24593_109709375712077_926265_nI have an inner debate going on that involves work. This template of issues is not only limited to minimum wage jobs, it can be any workplace that lacks certain morals and ethics. Duty is what my job description is and other tasks associated to it. Pride is how I perform the work and how well I do so. Recognition would be forms of acknowledgement, gains, or verbal praise. My workplace has issues with duty vs. recognition.

I will not call out where I work but they are doing it all wrong. I am not expecting a medal for any good thing I do nor am i asking for attention. This workplace thinks that no recognition should occur because if they do, it will make the employees think they are doing enough and therefore the owner thinks laziness will spawn in result to that. All I have to say is wow when I heard that it was the biggest pile of $h1t I have ever heard.

What kind of legitimate business has no process to let their employees know if they are doing a good job? Only bad performance is recognized and given attention. The next biggest crock of $h1t I heard is that the owner believes his form of thank you for the work we do is our pay check. I am being paid for my time exchange so its rightfully mine. The owner doesn’t grant me money because I do stuff for him. In his world he believes the previous statement.

Just because its my duty to do something and why I got hired, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get positive recognition for doing good work. I am not seeking any raises, bonuses, prizes, etc, all I want is a “I appreciate the work you do”. Is that soo much to ask? Just acknowledgement that I work hard compared to the other lazy [explicit words] that I work with. I work hard because I have pride in everything I do. Even if its minimum wage and no one will ever know the work I do, I take pride in it.

That pride can last so long. It gets to a point where you feel like your being used and abused. That practice of the mind game to make us work harder doesn’t work on me. I work hard because that’s my work ethics. I always enjoy out-working co-workers. Not to make them look bad, it helps to make sure I am putting in honest efforts. The main issue that is coming into play is that why should I do XYZ tasks that literally wear me down into pain if no one knows I ever did it?

If that XYZ task only keeps that certain thing clean until morning time and therefore gets dirty again; who will know the difference? owner and management sure as hell don’t know what I do. I walk around the parking lot and make it spotless. Whats the point if it will return to the same conditions in 3 hours time. I understand its my duty to perform those XYZ tasks but doing them now without recognition/acknowledgement creates dread.

I almost want to be lazy now because of that lack. Its almost negating my good work ethics if no one cares what I do. To make a point clear, this post doesn’t involve my passion. Just a temporary job that has practices that might be similar in other job sites. I appreciate the fact this crap job is reinforcing my push to get into better work and education. I just hope after that building into dream occupation that I don’t encounter the same conditions.

I enjoy making posts no matter if people read them or not. Difference is that here is not a workplace. This site doesn’t play mind games on me to see if I work harder. WordPress nor its community doesn’t treat me like dog (figuratively speaking, I treat and love dogs well). I have pride in what I do here as well. Probably when it comes down to it, I have to not depend on others to recognize my workplace performance. That expectation is only hurting me and no one else.

As a side note, I loved the way the military did recognition. They had reviews, ribbons, medals and badges. All of which included an honorable respect factor. It created something that people would look up to you and others idol your successes. It was fun to me to wear and show off things I did. Those things I wore on my uniform tell a story just like the rest of the service members.