bicycle2Earlier this year I was fixated on running a marathon. Unfortunately, only in my head did I think I could run.  Over the year I always rode my bike to work until I started to use different cars at times. My logic was thinking if I did long distance walking, I could start running the same.

Turns out that idea failed as well. I pondered one day; what if I just start to ride around. I didn’t have gas money most of the time and I wanted to go to the beach. It was during that “awakening” I had referred to; it was time to start exploring new options.

I rode my bike the same distances I was walking. It only made more sense to me. It did provide more of a danger because drivers see cyclists less than walkers. Irregardless It was enjoyable and less harsh on my feet. I started off with the same 8 miles I was doing with the walking. Not much challenge it was because of my current conditions from the gas station job.

Then I thought, let me just try going to the beach. It was a 6.5 mile trip one way. I completed it with the same no challenge. It was a plus that I could swim while at the beach for added activity. As of this post, I have been riding my bike for a month. My bike is a standard Schwinn Beach Cruiser with gears. Its not the best for long distances but I make due with what I have.

Over time I needed more challenge. I am the type that likes to be worn our and sore after physical activity. My logic says if I am not sore or tired, I didn’t try hard enough. Therefore I started to find creative ways to increase my millage without changing my route. I scouted through Google Earth; and plotted the best roads to go with the lease traffic while going down extra streets.

Eventually I increased the route to a challenging 12.5 miles one way. Sometimes if I swam; I would have trouble completing the same return trip and therefore reverted to the 6.5 mile route on the way back. either way I have increased the bike ride from 13 miles into 18-25 miles. The initial time it took me was a 4 hour time window. Now it takes me 2.5-3 hours. I increased the speed I traveled with the increased strength.

When I first started to ride my bike I was 233 pounds. One month later I am 223 with great leg developments. Some “fitted pants” I had to give up because of the muscle gains haha. I then decided to get adventurous and start making long distance goals. The local malls are 10-11 miles away, I hopped on the bike and made it there.

As long as I am hyrdated and there isn’t much wind gust, I desire to push further and harder than I ever went (with injury prevention in mind). Running never gave me the same drive. I actually dreaded running. Bike riding is my new love and will work more wonders than running will ever provide. I will do my best with my current bike even though it is not made for long distances.

I have been looking at light weight racing bikes to be optimistic to upgrade into something that will open up new doors. You can only go so fast and far with a beach cruiser. It takes an intense amount of energy to maintain 12 MPH on the type of bike i have, for the millage I go. While I don’t have a racing bike; I see this as a positive factor as extra fat burn until I can afford the fancy bike.

Currently I am happy with the rate and effects bike riding is doing for me. I guess running and marathon racing isn’t for me. It was a learning lesson but I won’t beat myself up for trying it out. Better to have tried than always wonder the “what ifs”. I look forward to bringing more positive updates on my bike riding adventures.