As of September, I finally got back into college. Earlier this year I had said that the primary hurdle was unlocking the transcript from financial obligations. Turns out that the withdrawn classes had prevented me admissions into University of Central Florida and from obtaining Financial Aid. It was another pickle in the jar I had to figure out. The red flags on the PantherWeb didn’t show up till last minute.

I had to appeal with letters why I left the classes when I did. My reasons were under medical issues out of my control. Therefore I had to get my doctors to write letters in hopes the Financial Aid appeal board out hear my case. 2 weeks later I received a letter that it was approved from a trial semester right before the express term. I was overjoyed that it was approved right in time to make it into some classes. Waiting until January wasn’t a good option so we went ahead with express term 3 (September-December).

Financial Aid said that they were in an audit phase so I would have to pay upfront then get reimbursed. It was around 700 for classes and 80 for books via Chegg. My Mother sponsored my term which she will get reimbursed this October. I am thankful for her support in my educational pursuits. The 2 classes enrolled are: Introductory Sociology and Speech. Both are very fun and interesting classes I look forward to sharing more about in the future.

As per University of Central Florida; I really wanted to go, but it is these classes I withdrawn from to repeat. I will have them completed by end of Spring 2014. After that, I will then be able to apply for any Universities depending on retest of SAT/ACT scores. Until then, I will study well, read all, and do my best .