Good question.

Life has interesting twists, turns, and adventures. Some of which have distracted me from here. I do have great joy in this blogging process. I am not exactly an entertainer type; this page is more of a public diary of my life. It is quite fun to be transparent with nothing to hide. I suggest this method to all but some have employers to hide from lol. I had once said that I’d rather get hired for who I am, and not for what I’m not. Simple concept but it also isn’t fair that employers will Google your name just to see what pops up.

Since April I have been working often and doing random things. I cannot pin point exactly where I been but I will try to dig deep. Guild wars during the summer was my addiction that took me away from Word Press. I had enjoyed coming on here daily at the time but Guild Wars was a longer hobby. In the game I was highly focused on getting certain achievements completed and farming for certain armor pieces. Now that I have most of what I want with a side of burned out; I am bored of the game.

Guild Wars will always have a place in my heart. Life is developing fast for me at the moment and well; my priorities and interests have changed. I finally had an awakening. I am tired of being overweight, lazy, and isolated. Guild Wars had kept me in the house for thousands of hours. The beach was always a place of healing for me. I didn’t have gas money and I did have a bike. Therefore I started to ride my bike to the beach. I will expand upon the bike rides in another post.

Sometimes, I have noticed attention issues of staying dedicated to tasks. I would always start something and have trouble finishing. In Guild Wars after I started a Guild of my own:  I really learned about staying committed and until the end of whatever it was. The bike rides/exercising is a commitment that I will continue no matter if I reach my goals or not. The primary motivational factors of the exercise was not just for looks.

There were some health issues that popped up along the way I had to take care of. My blood test shown that I need to eat better and be more active. In my closet I had plenty of clothes that I could wear but no where near yet use. I also read many articles that talked about how exercise can boost mental health. Anything that can make me feel better I am down to try.  Just not drugs haha.

I also departed from my job. As for that situation I do not wish to directly disclose the events that occurred there but what I can say is that I got sick of all the conditions present and left. Once I had quit, I slept better, felt better, and was better. That job was very toxic to my life. It was the primary cause of my caffeine addiction that took 2 months to get rid of. Monster and Red Bull was my beverage at the time. It was one of the many things that made me in a bad state of mind since I was last on here.

Lots of side tracking does occur time to time. Once I got into the grove of things, I then learned how to time management well. In the last Month or so; I did encounter an amazing woman who swept me off my feet to keep my busy 😛 She is the sweetest person who has entered my life like an angel. That is all really I can think of that has occurred since April. I got lazy, game addiction, work made me tired, and bad time management.

I have not returned and will stay committed to this hobby.