Cyclist meme

Two things of the bat. No disrespect to the athletes or people in the picture meme. While one needs a realistic scale of where they are at; they will gain it over time if serious and don’t discourage that person’s personal performance of how they felt they did. How you feel when you start something new or finally getting the grasp of things is very important. Its the initial feelings that boost motivation to keep going.

More often than rare. people will observe our current progress and would proceed to criticize. This can even go for the apparel department. If you feel strong, confident, and serious; wear the best suitable apparel for that activity. Of course our society is filled with rigid standards but that doesn’t stop me from putting on what works best for me.

When I am in the “zone” on the bike, I feel empowered. Not gonna’ lie, I have some more weight to lose but when going; things like muffin top, beer belly, or uneven tans go our the window. Exercising is a personal enrichment activity. We are not doing it for other people. We are doing it for ourselves. (There are some that directly work out only for looks but I won’t go there).

I will not have shame in my body while cycling nor if people will look. They will see that I am doing something about it vs. whatever that person of judgments is doing. I laugh at anyone that jokes at me from in a car while I’m riding. I am using the fuel of body fat, carbs, and other sources that make positive health while that person in the car is lazy being carried around.

In Florida, there is always risk to be heat exhausted. I wear tank top and short shorts. Not the typical uniform for cyclists but I have come to learn in 90+ weather wear I drip sweat all over the place I need to be cool. Basketball shorts got in the way, and cyclist shorts don’t feel so great to me. I was also tired of my “farmers tan” so the tank top would even out my entire arm.

My next point is that sometimes we think that there’s a certain level we need to be while being observed. Yea sure I’d love to zip around at 25MPH like the racers do but I have a beach cruiser. I can probably comfortably do 15MPH with no wind (best guesses). Some would think I have to go XYZ speed as a new cyclist or I will not be able to use the bike lane. FALSE.

Just as much of wearing what best suits your activity, use whatever means that activity includes. Bike lane is for bikes no matter if your going 10MPH or 30MPH. If I am on the final couple miles of my 24 mile route and there is wind; I’ll drop my speed down in injury prevention. Some could get self-conscious to say maybe if I slow down I should get back on the side walk.

Not me. I stopped using the sidewalk permanently because there are many people with headphones that cannot nor care to hear you say your coming. I used to have a bell and one time a horn, still no one hears me. It sucked to be in 5th gear and down shifting my pace to ride in the grass around them. Mose side walks are wide enough to support 2 way traffic easy.

In my experiences so far if you feel good with what your doing; dress it up, play it out, and do your best. Once you understand that exercising no matter which activity is for your and not anyone else, it will become a more enjoyable experience. That initial morale boost will help make your exercise a positive habit that you can’t wait to do.

Be happy with your body throughout this process. If you can’t accept and appreciate yourself now, you will be less likely to do so once you meet your fitness goals/lifestyle. Learn to really love what you can’t change and go after desired changes. “We don’t get younger” and as we get older: fitness gets harder. START NOW 🙂