[Photo above is from elementary school to 2010. photo below is close to where I am now but no camera at the moment]





I am Jessie.

Favorite: color is lavender, foods is NY style pizza, cream cheese on crackers, tuna fish w/pretzel sticks, places to go are anywhere I just like to get up and go, like to cuddle and be touched, to be loved and to love, like any that likes me, to laugh and hang out, lastly favorite thing to do is sleep or be in a state of trance via hypnosis. I enjoy laying in the sun at the beach and swimming there. I do tend to ponder about many things.

I once had a large tangent here that once dived deep on who I am. No need all I can say is that I am Jess and trying to enjoy life. This whole blogging thing seems very enjoyable so far to document everything I ponder. I ponder a lot and not many people know that. Sometimes I would get bored and just start to google things that pop into my mind.